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    North Dakota Mathematics Talent Search 2012-2013

The Department of Mathematics at NDSU is happy to announce the start of the annual North Dakota Mathematics Talent Search. The goals of the talent search are to locate high school students in North Dakota and surrounding areas with a talent for solving mathematical problems, to reward these students and their teachers for their efforts, and to encourage these students to attend NDSU and major in the mathematical sciences or engineering.

The Talent Search poses sets of challenging mathematical problems throughout the year which will be posted as follows:

Interested students are strongly encouraged to send in solutions even if they only solve one problem in a set; finding a good solution to a problem is always an achievement. The problems do not require advanced mathematical knowledge -- just creativity and a feeling or taste for problem solving.

The students who submit a significant number of mathematically sound solutions for each of the three rounds will be rewarded with various prizes, including a one-year subscription to a science/mathematics magazine of their choice. The best participants who decide to attend NDSU and major in the mathematical sciences will also be rewarded with scholarships.

Please submit your solutions by email to or Alternatively, solutions may be sent by regular mail to:

Talent Search
c/o Jason Boynton/ Indranil SenGupta
Mathematics NDSU Dept.# 2750
PO BOX 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050

Please do not forget to include your name, postal address, school, and e-mail address.

  Problems Solutions
First Round Problems Due 11/16/2012 Coming soon

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