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    Azer Akhmedov, Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Yale Univerisity, 2004
Geometric Group Theory
Office: Minard 408E18
Phone: 701.231.8078

    María de los Ángeles Alfonseca-Cubero, Associate Professor
Ph.D.: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2003
Harmonic Analysis   CV
Office: Minard 408E34
Phone: 701.231.8254

    Abraham Ayebo, Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: University of Nevada, Reno, 2010
Mathematics Education
Office: Minard 406F
Phone: 701.231.8104

    Nikita Barabanov, Professor
Ph.D.: University of Kiev, 1979
Applied Mathematics
Office: Minard 408E28
Phone: 701.231.7669

    Jason Boynton, Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Florida Atlantic University, 2006
Algebra   CV
Office: Minard 408E38
Phone: 701.231.8728

    Leo Butler, Associate Professor
Ph.D.: Queen's University, 2000
Hamiltonian Mechanics and Geometry
Office: Minard 406H
Phone: 701.231.8111

    Cătălin Ciupercă, Associate Professor
Ph.D.: University of Kansas, 2001
Commutative Algebra   CV
Office: Minard 408E26
Phone: 701.231.8192

    Doğan Çömez, Professor
Ph.D.: University of Toronto, 1983
Ergodic Theory   CV
Office: Minard 408E24
Phone: 701.231.7490

    Susan Cooper, Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Queen's University, 2005
Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
Office: Minard 406G
Phone: 701.231.8174

    Davis Cope, Associate Professor
Ph.D.: Vanderbilt University, 1980
Partial Differential Equations   CV
Office: Minard 408E32
Phone: 701.231.7765

    Josef Dorfmeister, Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: University of Minnesota, 2009
Symplectic Topology   CV
Office: Minard 406E
Phone: 701.231.6522

    Benton Duncan, Associate Professor and Chair
Ph.D.: University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2004
Operator Algebras   CV
Office: Minard 406B
Phone: 701.231.8175

    Friedrich Littmann, Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Ph.D.: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2003
Approximation Theory/Analytic Number Theory   CV
Office: Minard 408E16
Phone: 701.231.8095

    William O. Martin, Professor
Ph.D.: University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1993
Mathematics Education, on indefinite leave to the NDSU School of Education
Office: FLC 210F
Phone: 701.231.7104

    Artem Novozhilov, Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Moscow State University of Communication Means, 2002
Mathematical Biology   CV
Office: Minard 408E22
Phone: 701.231.8680

    Indranil SenGupta, Assistant Professor and Graduate Recruitment Chair
Ph.D.: Texas A&M University , 2010
Mathematical Finance and Mathematical Physics   CV
Office: Minard 408E12
Phone: 701.231.9544

    Jessica Striker, Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: University of Minnesota, 2008
Combinatorics   CV
Office: Minard 406C
Phone: 701.231.6985

    Abraham Ungar, Professor
Ph.D.: University of Tel Aviv, 1973
Mathematical Physics
Office: Minard 408E14
Phone: 701.231.8187

  Visiting Professors

    Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh, Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D.: University Mississippi, 2014
Analytic Number Theory
Office: Minard 408E42
Phone: 701.231.6954

    Michael Cohen
Ph.D.: University of North Texas 2013
Topology/Set theory
Office: Minard 406D
Phone: 701.231.9378

    Trevor McGuire
Ph.D.: Louisiana State University 2014
Combinatorics and Commutative Algebra
Office: Minard 408E44
Phone: 701.231.6953

  Adjunct Professors

    Jim Coykendall, Professor
Ph.D.: Cornell University, 1995
Algebra/Number Theory   CV

    Sean Sather-Wagstaff, Associate Professor
Ph.D.: University of Utah, 2000
Commutative Algebra/Homological Algebra   CV
Office: Minard 408E20
Phone: 701.231.8105


  Professors Emeriti

    Warren E. Shreve, Professor
Ph.D.: University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1967
Graph Theory
Office: Minard 408L
Phone: 701.231.7707

  • Fred Haring, M.S.: Illinois Institute of Technology, 1962
  • Ken Johnson, Ph.D.: University of Colorado at Boulder, 1980
  • Isaac Kornfeld, Ph.D.: Tashkent State University, 1975
  • Ronald M. Mathsen, Ph.D.: University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1965
  • Gil Nelson, M.S.: North Dakota Agricultural College, 1958
  • Lloyd Olson, M.Ed.: North Dakota Agricultural College, 1954