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    Doctoral Program Alumni

Name Dissertation Title, Year, Advisor, and original job placement

Saba Al-Kaseasbeh Ideal graphs
2014; Advisor: Jim Coykendall
Visiting Assistant Professor at Clemson University

Mark Batell The half-factorial property in polynomial rings
2014; Advisor: Jim Coykendall
Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Central Oklahoma

Farhod Abdullayev Variational methods for polycrystal plasticity and related topics in partial differential equations
2013; Advisor: Marian Bocea
Post-Doctoral Scholar at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Saeed Nasseh DG homological algebra, properties of ring homomorphisms, and the generalized Auslander-Reiten conjecture
2013; Advisor: Sean Sather-Wagstaff
Assistant Professor, Georegia Southern University.

Rich Wicklein Codualizing modules and complexes
2013; Advisor: Sean Sather-Wagstaff
Assistant Professor MacMurray College

Benjamin Anderson NAK for Ext, Ascent of Module Structures, and the Blindness of Extended Modules
2012; Advisor: Sean Sather-Wagstaff
Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Richard Hasenauer Almost Dedekind domains and atomicity
2012; Advisor: Jim Coykendall
Assistant Professor at Eureka College

Lindsay Erickson The game of Nim on graphs
2011; Advisor: Warren Shreve
Assistant Professor, Augustana College

Bethany Kubik Quasidualizing modules
2011; Advisor: Sean Sather-Wagstaff
Visiting Assistant Professor at the United States Military Academy (West Point)

Stacy Trentham Atomicity in rings with zero divisors
2011; Advisor: Jim Coykendall
Visiting Assistant Professor at Armstrong Atlantic State University

W. Travis Trentham Applications of groups of divisibility and a generalization of Krull dimension
2011; Advisor: Jim Coykendall
Assistant Professor at Armstrong Atlantic State University

Carl Hashbarger Ramification and infinite extensions of Dedekind Domains
2010; Advisor: Jim Coykendall
National Security Agency

Chris Spicer On Cohen-Kaplansky Domains
2010; Advisor: Jim Coykendall
Assistant Professor at Morningside College

Josh Lambert Determining the Biplanar Crossing Number of $C_k \times C_l \times C_m \times C_n$
2009; Advisor: Warren Shreve
Assistant Professor at Armstrong Atlantic State University

Angela Pile The Space of Regular Polygons with a Small Number of Edges
2008; Advisor: Jorge Alberto Calvo
Assistant Professor at Lock Haven University

Amanda Matson Results Regarding Finite Generation, Near Finite Generation and the Catenary Degree
2008; Advisor: James B. Coykendall IV
Assistant Professor at Clarke University

Brenda Mammenga
Factorization in Monoids and Domains
2007; Advisor: James B. Coykendall IV
Assistant Professor at Morningside College

Tridib Dutta On the Notion of m-almost Integrality and VSFT Domains
2006; Advisor: James B. Coykendall IV
Benos Lab at the University of Pittsburgh

Yevgeny Mospan Topics in Measure Theory: Existence and Non-existence Results on Exotic Singular Measures
2006; Advisor: Isaac Kornfeld

Shukhrat Usmanov Structure of Isometries on Non-commutative L_p Spaces and a Dominated Ergodic Theorem
2006; Advisor: Doğan Çömez
Assistant Professor at Ashford University

Jack Maney On the Boundary Map and Integral Morphisms
2004; Advisor: James B. Coykendall IV
Data Analyst and Mathematician at Adknowledge

Andrei Krygin Some Properties of Coboundaries in Measurable Dynamics
1999; Advisor: Isaac Kornfeld

Semyon Litvinov
Weighted Ergodic Theorems in von Neumann Algebras
1999; Advisor: Doğan Çömez
Associate Professor at Pennsylvania State University at Hazleton

Khaled Dib Oscillations and Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Neutral Delay Differential Equations
1998; Advisor: Ronald M. Mathsen
Petroleum Institute (Abu Dhabi)

Margaret Sherman
The Identification of Non-adjacent Vertices in n-Critical Graphs
1997; Advisor: Warren E. Shreve
Assistant Professor at State University of New York College at Buffalo

Xiaotao Cai (s MOD k)-Cycles in Graphs
1996; Advisor: Warren E. Shreve
Data Solutions LLC (New York)

Wojciech Kosek
On Certain Sequences in Ergodic Theory of Infinite Spaces
1996; Advisor: Isaac Kornfeld
Visiting Associate Professor at Colorado College

Yunhe Zhao
Numerical Solutions for Boundary Integral Equations
1996; Advisor: Yuesheng Xu
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

David Richard Burns
Ergodic Averages in Topological Dynamics
1993; Advisor: Isaac Kornfeld
Associate Professor at Western Connecticut State University

Wiktor Przemyslaw Piotrowski
Combinatorial Optimization: Scheduling, Facility Location, and Domination (1992)
1992; Advisor: Warren E. Shreve
Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin-Superior

David Gregory Obert
Exact Estimates of Exponential Dichotomy Roughness
1990; Advisor: Robert E. Vinograd
National Security Agency

    Masters Program Alumni

Name Thesis/Paper Title, Year, and Advisor

Stefan Bock   [MS by exam]
2014; Advisor: Jim Coykendall

Aaron Feickert   Resolutions and semidualizing modules
2014; Advisor: Sean Sather-Wagstaff

Brandon Goodell   The bifurcation portrait of a hybrid spiking neuron model
2012; Advisor: Davis Cope

Dan Kranda   The square of adjacency matrices
2011; Advisor: Warren Shreve

Tayo Omotoyinbo   Absolute stability of a class of 2nd order feedback nonlinear, time-varying systems
2010; Advisor: Nikita Barabanov

(William) Riley Casper   Representation theory and the Fourier-Stieltjes transform for compact groups
2010; Advisor: Jim Olsen

Farkhad Abdullayev   Lower Semicontinuity and Existence of Minimizers for Supremal Functionals
2009; Advisor: Marian Bocea

Aziz Takhirov   Almost 1-Harmonic Functions and Eigenvalue Problems for the 1-Laplace Operator
2009; Advisor: Marian Bocea

Umar Islambekov   Existence of the Ergodic Hilbert transform for admissible processes in sigma finite L_p-spaces, 1< p<\infty
2008; Advisor: Dogan Çömez

Michael Booth   Computations on Hyperelliptic Curves
2005; Advisor: Joseph P. Brennan

Dmytro Y. Ivanchykhin   Robust Stability of Multiconnected Discrete Time Feedback Systems
2005; Advisor: Nikita Barabanov

Biana A. Shilshtut   Vector Measures and their Applications
2005; Advisor: Isaac Kornfeld

Feng Hou   A Study of Chi-Square Statistics and Applications to Hypothesis Testing
2004; Advisor: Davis K. Cope, Jr.

Natalya V. Chilina   Minimality and Unique Ergodicity of Symbolic Dynamical Systems
2003; Advisor: Isaac Kornfeld

Dmitriy Viktorovich Akimov   The Ergodicity and Different Mixing Properties of Measure-Preserving Transformations in Examples
2002; Advisor: Isaac Kornfeld

Mohamed Baghzali   Oscillation of Solutions of Neutral Delay Differential Equations
2001; Advisor: Ronald M. Mathsen

Barbara Bloom Ranson   A New Blocking Semioval Family
2001; Advisor: Tuval Foguel

Elena Yevgenevna Litvinova   Weighted Ergodic Theorem with Generalized Besicovich Weights
2001; Advisor: Doğan Çömez

Yushan Sun   Weak Solutions of a Nonlinear System
2000; Advisor: Ronald M. Mathsen

Wendy Booth   Graph Pebbling
2000; Advisor: Warren E. Shreve

Flynn Dustrud   Gyrogroups and Geometry
2000; Advisor: Abraham A. Ungar

Tudor M. Stoenescu   Convergence of Ergodic Averages of Doubly Stochastic Operators
1999; Advisor: James H. Olsen

Wenhui Wang   The Number of Graphical Partitions with a Single Partition
1998; Advisor: Warren E. Shreve

Larry Dale Taylor   Krieger's Embedding Theorem for Symbolic Dynamical Systems
1997; Advisor: Ayse A. Sahin

Brian Karl Hagelstrom   Gyrogroups and the Construction of Abstract Finite Lorentz Groups
1997; Advisor: Abraham A. Ungar

Ayse Arzu Teymuroglu   Saturation Properties of Quadratic Rings of Integers
1997; Advisor: James B. Coykendall IV

Margaret Billings Sherman   The Colorability of Graphs Having a Bounded Number of Triangles and Bounded Genus
1994; Advisor: Warren E. Shreve

Todd Robert Marzinske   On the Twin Prime Conjecture and Sieve Methods
1994; Advisor: Kenneth R. Johnson

Paul Scott Heidmann   The Performance of the Epsilon and Theta Convergence Acceleration Algorithms
1992; Advisor: Davis K. Cope, Jr.

Paul Albert Flasch   The Application of Liapunov Functions to Stability of Difference Equations
1992; Advisor: Ronald M. Mathsen

Kurt Douglas Cogswell   A Multiple Parameter, Zero-Density Subsequence Ergodic Theorem
1991; Advisor: James H. Olsen

Steven Michael Lehmann   Hermite Interpolation Methods for the Approximation of Solutions to Initial Value Problems
1991; Advisor: Robert R. Hare, Jr.

David Richard Burns   On Certain Generalizations of Ramanujan's Trigonometrical Sum and their Relation to Mobius Inversions
1990; Advisor: Kenneth R. Johnson

Chad Scott   Increased Efficiency in a Solution Method for Integral Equations of the First Kind with Logarithmic Singularities
1990; Advisor: Davis K. Cope, Jr.

Raja Nicolas Khoury   \lambda(n)-Convex Functions
1989; Advisor: Ronald M. Mathsen

Melvin Edwin Wahl   An Extension of Piessens' Method for Numerical Inversion of the Laplace Transform
1989; Advisor: Davis K. Cope, Jr.

Robert John Cederberg   The Asymptotic Behavior of Eigendata for an Electrochemistry Problem
1988; Advisor: Davis K. Cope, Jr.

Ann Marie Foss   An Analysis of the RSA Cryptosystem
1986; Advisor: Kenneth R. Johnson

Jiu-Kwang Lo   Developing an Informal Natural Language Interface to HDMS
1982; Advisor:

Pai-Sung Yang   An Interactive Report Writer
1982; Advisor: Leonard Shapiro

David Gregory Obert   w-Linear Vector Fields on Euclidean Space
1981; Advisor: William K. Perrizo

Ruey-Pyng Lu   Some Arithmetic Functions Over a Distributive Lattice
1978; Advisor:

Jaafar Yeser Al-Siwan   Disconjugacy, Singular Points and Converse Problems in Homogeneous Matrix Differential Equations
1977; Advisor: Warren E. Shreve

Vivian G. Kostyk   The Cultural Impact of the Development of Hyperbolic Geometry Applied to the Mathematics Cirriculum
1977; Advisor:

Barbara Ann Nelson   Analysis of Flow Through a Single Gate
1976; Advisor: Robert R. Hare, Jr.

Douglas Paul Dokken   A Condition for Distallity of Infinitesimal Affine Transformations
1975; Advisor: William K. Perrizo

Cecilia Hui-Yu Yang   A Method of Spline Approximation to the Solutions of Initial Value Problems in Ordinary Differential Equations
1975; Advisor:

L. Bruce Anderson   An Analysis of The Quadratic Congruence
1963; Advisor: Gilbert W. Nelson