Mathematics 103: College Algebra




Math 102 or math placement test score.

Required for:

Math 105 or Math 146

Course Description:

Linear, polynomial, rational, power, exponential and logarithmic functions; graphs of functions; modeling and problem solving.

Statement of Purpose and Goals:

Students will develop an understanding of the basic algebraic tools and problem-solving skills necessary for success in the study of calculus. In conjuction with Math 105, this course is intened as part of the pre-calculus sequence.

Course Outline:

Rates of change, lines and linear models, and linear regression (3 weeks).

Functions, functional notation, graphs of functions, transformations of graphs, operations on functions, inequalities, difference quotient, and proportionality (5 weeks).

Polynomial functions, graphs of polynomial functions, real roots of polynomials, polynomial models, rational functions, and polynomial and rational inequalities (4 weeks).

Rational exponents, exponential functions, continuous and discrete exponential growth/decay, logarithms and logarithmic functions, and exponential and logarithmic models (4weeks).


College Algebra, Precalculus I: Study of Functions, 2nd Edition
Compliation by Lonnie Hass and Larry Taylor; Assisted by Kathy Coykendall. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 2004.

Calculator Policy:

A graphing calculator is required for this course. We recommend TI-83+, TI-86, or TI-89. Be advised that the TI-89 has a computer algebra system.


Common exams are given in Math 103. These exams will be given outside of class, in the evening, except for the final exam. Only in exceptional cases will studnets be allowed to take an exam outside the established times. The course supervisor is responsible for constructing the exams. Input from all instructors is expected, however. All instructors will participate in the exam-grading process ("group grading") to give students across all sections consistent treatment on questions.

Quizzes and Homework:

Each instructor will develop an individual plan for periodic assessment of progress and subsequent feedback.


50% term exams
20% final exam
30% homework, quizzes, interludes, etc.

The standard 90-80-70-60 grading scale is used to determine final grades.


There will be a Blackboard CourseInfo page available to all students taking Math 103 at Material that would be made accessible to all Math 103 students will be posted on this page. Instructors are also encouraged to develop Blackboard pages for individual sections with class specific information that may include additional quizzes, extra practice problems, announcements, and current grades.

Current Syllabus:



Last Modified: November 10, 2005